On a trip to South Africa I got the opportunity to teach some of the children at Enkululekweni primary school located in Wallacedene township, Cape Town. Being white we all stood out a lot in a township with an all black population and walking into the primary school the children swarmed to us (especially those of us with blonde hair) probably never haven seen a white person in the skin before. I was surprised at how they reacted to my camera being quite shy with it at first but they loved it, they lined up to pose in front of the lens, pushing in and making sure they were in the shot. What made this experience even more extraordinary was the language barrier, none of them spoke english yet with my camera we communicated wonders. I wanted to capture their love for life even though they have come from so little and how much they value their education and what the school will help them to achieve.


There was this one girl that I absolutely fell in love with, she demanded to be noticed by my camera striking her hips and pouting like there was no tomorrow she oozed sass. When I look back now I think one day i’ll see that girl and she’ll be on South Africas next top model.